The “Right” Agent and the “Right” Home


Some buyers think that finding the right home is the critical part of the buying process and that is how they determine which agent to use. While it is important, there may be a broader skill set to consider when selecting your real estate professional.what buyers want-2017.png

The most recent NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers indicate that 52% of buyers do want help in finding the right home to purchase. There was a time when the public did not have access to all the homes on the market, but the Internet has changed that.

Helping to negotiate the price and terms of sale were identified by almost 25% of the buyers. No one wants to pay more than is necessary and the terms of the sale can be as important as the price.

The next largest area of assistance that buyers value has to do with financing and the paperwork. Even if a buyer has been through the process before, it very likely could have been several years and things have probably changed.

Since the cost of housing is dependent on the price paid for the home and the financing, a real estate professional skilled in these specialized areas can be very valuable in finding the “right” home. An agent’s experience and connections to allied professionals and service providers is equally important.

Ask the agent representing you to specifically list the tools and talent they have available to address these areas. clients- realtor, natasha bazile

I offer 2 complimentary consultations for buyers:

1)  “Home Buying Consultation” moving in 0-3 months

During this meeting we discuss your MUST HAVES, WISHES, & DEAL BREAKERS. I also provide an overview of the Home Buying Process. What you should expect, what happens if the unexpected happens, and much more. Most importantly, we discuss your expectations of me and vice versa, and I will answer all of your questions.

2) “Get Home Buying-Ready Consultation” moving in 3-12 months

Is buying a home your desire, but you have some work to do before achieving it? Start now! After this meeting you will have a game plan. Becoming a homeowner will no longer be a desire. Instead, it will be an achievable goal you will work towards.

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