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“Owning #realestate 🏘 is about more than having a place to live. It’s a financial #investment 💰 in your future and potentially in your children’s future! Occupy it, rent it, sell it, flip it aka PROFIT / BENEFIT from it! 🏦
Let’s do better. Let’s think bigger. Let’s be wiser with our 💲💵💲.” -Natasha, @soldbynat, www.SOLDbyNat.com

Recently I posted the above and this client (and now friend) could not be a better example…

I first met Mr. Brown in 2014 by way of a referral from mutual friend. Not to long after, he decided on buying a new construction home in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I was ecstatic working with him as a first-time homebuyer! *See his original testimonial on You Tube. Click HERE. 

Fast forward 3 years later and Mr. Brown is ready for the next chapter and decided to sell. He gave me the heads up and let me know once he took care of some minor touch-ups, he would let me know so I could work my magic ;-). Eight (8!) days and 3 offers later, he was under contract! I can happily report that we have since closed and Mr. Brown is a profitable seller. It has been an absolute honor to work with him on buying a home and later, selling that same home. *See Mr. Brown’s 2nd testimonial on the “Clients & Testimonials” page. 

This is exactly the long-term vision I have for EVERY client I help buy a home or sell a home! 


  • To enjoy their homes for years to come and makes lots of memories.
  • To increase the family size (lots of little feet running around). –*Congrats to the Lulic’s on their new baby girl and 2nd child!
  • To move-up / up-size into a bigger home when more space is needed.
  • To down-size into a smaller home when the kids leave the nest.
  • To buy their dream home.
  • To sell their house when the time comes and make a profit.
  • To use the profit from the sale of their house to buy their next home, send kids to school, investment in a business, save for retirement, or pay-off debt.
  • To rent their house and have positive monthly cash flow coming in.
  • To will their house to their children or family (generational wealth).

These and blessings with no end are the wishes for every client I have ever worked with and all those still to come.


If I can assist you with buying or selling a home in Gwinnett county Georgia or any of the surrounding areas, I would love to help you! As your REALTOR®, I will be your guide through the Home Buying Process and you will be informed and educated along the way.

Let’s chat (404) 857-2508!

If you are looking to BUY a home, I offer 2 complimentary consultations:

1)  “Home Buying Consultation” moving in 0-3 months

During this meeting we discuss your MUST HAVES, WISHES, & DEAL BREAKERS. I also provide an overview of the Home Buying Process. What you should expect, what happens if the unexpected happens, and much more. Most importantly, we discuss your expectations of me and vice versa, and I will answer all of your questions.

2) “Get Home Buying-Ready Consultation” moving in 3-12 months

Is buying a home your desire, but you have some work to do before achieving it? Start now! After this meeting you will have a game plan. Becoming a homeowner will no longer be a desire. Instead, it will be an achievable goal you will work towards.

If you are looking to SELL a home:

1) See what your home is worth. Emailed to you within seconds. Click HERE.

2) Schedule your “Pre-Listing Consultation”

We’ll discuss your goals for selling, understand the selling process, review market activity and talk number$, and make a plan for getting your house “showing-ready”.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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