The Rental Trap – A New Option for the Georgia Housing Market


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When someone inquires me about lease-purchase, rent-to-own, or leasing with the option to buy, I would be doing them a disservice if I did not advise them of the cons often associated with these seeming alternatives to buying a home.

Generally, a renter will put down a large some of money and if they decide not to buy the property, they don’t get their money back. I recently talked to an investor who has rented homes for 20+ years. He shared that during this time, he has never had one person exercise their option to buy. Not 1! I was even more shocked to hear that he offered the tenants an incentive (matching any amount they paid over the normal rent). They would take advantage of the incentive (some paying several hundred toward the option every month), and still not exercise the option to buy at the end of the lease. They just kept on renting, and their non-refundable matching/option money became additional profit for the owner/landlord. These tenants never even requested additional consideration (requesting more time) or had an issue with losing the funds. I can only conclude that they had no real desire or interest in becoming a homeowner. Unfortunately, they fell into the trap of being habitual renters.

On a brighter note… I am, however, happy to advise you of a buying alternative if you cannot get pre-approved for a loan or just not ready to commit to buying a home right now. Introducing TRIO! Now in Georgia, this innovative lease-to-own financing empowers more US families to become homeowners.

soldbynat - Natasha Bazile - Renting with the option to buyHere is information taken from TRIO’s Atlanta press release…

Atlanta — Trio is partnering with the Invest Atlanta to provide a new way for more people to become homeowners in today’s economy.

Trio’s lease-to-own financing solution is the only one of its kind currently on the market and is designed for a variety of different types of buyers, including:

  • New job holders interested in investing in their future
  • Former homeowners who are rebounding from life’s moments, like medical debt
  • Professionals moving to a new city who need time to find the perfect home
  • Members of the workforce who own their own business, or have tip/commission income

Trio’s modern approach to home financing also ensures that the homebuyer is locking in their mortgage at today’s interest rates. Through the use of government guaranteed mortgages issued by the Federal Housing Agency (FHA), every Trio customer has a 30 year mortgage they can use to purchase when they are ready.  By locking in the mortgage at the start of their lease term their interest rates will likely be lower than what’s available on the market at time of purchase.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A prospective homebuyer works with a real estate agent to find a home they want to own
  2. The prospective homebuyer and works with Trio to purchase the home
  3. Trio works with the homebuyer to approve them for a lease-to-own agreement that provides them one to five years to purchase
  4. After closing, the prospective homebuyer moves in and locks in a purchase price at cost plus 1% and a 30 year FHA mortgage that they can take over when they purchase
  5. When ready, at any time during their lease or after the typical 3-year lease term, the buyer has the option to apply their accrued equity to their home and purchase the mortgage.

This solution gives buyers the flexibility they need if they’re not sure about committing to a 30-year mortgage right now, or if their current credit score or employment situation makes them ineligible for a traditional mortgage.

Trio’s financing is presently available in select cities in California, Georgia, and Texas, with expansion to additional states in 2017.

To learn more about this innovative financing model, visit and contact me. I am a Certified Georgia TRIO Lease-to-Own Specialist!

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