8 Indicators You Are NOT Ready to Buy a Home


Buying a home is a huge (yet worthwhile) step. For most people, it will be the largest purchase they make in their lives. This major decision often comes with stress. Wait… Let’s be real. It will come with some sort of stress! I tell the home-buyers I work with to “pack their patience” during this process. 

Where does the stress come from you ask?

– Searching for the right home and finding out it is no longer available.

– Submitting an offer on the home you fell in love with and it is not accepted.

– Having your home inspection done and the seller is being bull-headed about addressing the repairs.

– Lender request for info or docs you have to dig up.

– While buying, you are also selling your old home.

– Packing in the evenings when you get home from work.

Outside of the real estate transaction, a buyer may have to deal with relocating, changing jobs, and kids changing school to name a few additional factors. Knowing this, a buyer has to be 100% committed. With that being said, here are 8 indicators that you are not ready to buy a home…

8 indicators that you are not ready to buy a home:

  1. You want to buy this week, but you’re over it next week.
  2. You don’t have the time to look into  becoming a homeowner.
  3. You just want to look at houses. You don’t want to get Pre-Approved for a mortgage. 
  4. You don’t feel like providing the lender with requested information. It’s too much of a hassle.
  5. You are lazy and you rather pay someone to handle things for you.
  6. You are perfectly okay paying someone else’s mortgage.
  7. You like limitations and someone telling you what you can and can not do.
  8. You live in the now and don’t really care about the future.

If any of these describe you, buying a home right now is not for you. Hopefully, the realization of this will motivate you to get off the fence and take steps toward becoming a homeowner. If so, here are 2 suggestions:

1) Choose a REALTOR® & Get Pre-Approved

Check out this short video about getting pre-approved for a mortgage. 

2) Have your “Home Buying Consultation”.  

During this meeting we discuss your MUST HAVES, WISHES, & DEAL BREAKERS. I also provide an overview of the Home Buying Process. What you should expect, what happens if the unexpected happens, and much more. Most importantly, we discuss your expectations of me and vice versa, and I will answer all of your questions.


If I can assist you with buying or selling a home I would love to help you! As your REALTOR®, I will be your guide through the Home Buying Process and you will be informed and educated along the way. If you are not local, I can refer you to an equally qualified agent in your area to make sure you are in great hands.

I look forward to speaking with you (404) 857-2508!

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