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I have lived in Loganville, Georgia since 2007. I bought my first home (and first new construction home) in 2006 and relocated to Georgia from Florida the following year.

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At the time I was a single mom and moving to Georgia provided an opportunity to become a homeowner, where I didn’t see that option in Florida. The housing market was and still is more expensive there.

Then in 2016, my husband and I bought our dream home . Also new construction and also in Loganville (stay tuned for more blog posts about this journey). Realtor, Natasha Bazile

While we considered moving to other cities like Dacula, Grayson, Snellville and Lawrenceville, we found what we wanted right here in Loganville. We actually could have built the same house in Dacula, GA for $40k more. Needless to say, we didn’t see the cost benefit, nor the benefit to our family in that for several reasons.

Having shared all of that, I feel qualified to speak on 2 topics. 1) Relocating to Loganville, GA and 2) Buying new construction. I have learned a lot about buying new construction from my own personal experiences and from the many buyers I have helped buy a new construction home.

buying a home in loganville, georgia - Natasha Bazile

buying new construction in Loganville, GA - Realtor, Natasha Bazile

If you are looking to move to Loganville, Georgia and buy a new construction home, here are some communities to check out:

Logan Point – Homes from the $219s
Single Family
2,356 – 3,497 square feet

Langley Farms – Homes from the $206s
Single Family
2,338 – 2,736 square feet

Laurel Mist – Homes from the $212s
Single Family
1,950 – 3,468 square feet

Shannon Lake – Homes from the $219s
Single Family
2,050 – 3,497 square feet

Livingston Park – Homes from the $230s
Single Family
1,950 – 3,610 square feet

Traditions – Homes from the $238s
Single Family
2,346 – 6,527 square feet

Sterling Oaks – Homes from the $261s
Single Family
2,567 – 4,364 square feet

Hollowstone Homes from the $301s
Single Family
3,166 – 4,697 square feet

Independence – Coming Soon

Richmond Place – From the Mid $200’s

For more information on these communities or moving to Loganville, contact me at 404-857-2508.

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